Rtsp or USB camera for front door


I have been looking for a long time for either a commercially available USB or RTSP camera for my front door.

I am avoiding doorbell cameras as my front door is right onto the street with no driveway front yard and I am concerned about it being damaged or stolen. Also as I am sure most people are I am trying to avoid the cloud!

I have tried a couple of M12 cameras with fisheye lenses to replace my existing peephole but the door is too thick and extending the lenses leads to them being massively out of focus.

I have a Pi at the door that is already running motioneye for a hallway camera so USB would be preferred but I am happy with RTSP or any other suggestions.

Is anyone else doing this, any suggestions would be really appreciated!

(I have already modified the existing doorbell to work with mqtt, in order to get notifications and use it in automations)


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I’m also interested on a peephole replacement camera.
Which M12 did you tried? Any purchase link for those? I would measure my door as well to see if it would fit.
My alternative currently is taping an old android phone aligning the camera with the ‘classic’ peephole and using Android IP Camera to feed it. However I want to switch to a battery-less solution due to fire hazards and temperature stability issues.
You mention you have a Pi at the door, have you tried with the original Pi camera addon? Raspberry Pi Documentation - Camera