Run local camera Rpi4 and USB SSD boot

It is possible to run a local camera on the raspberry pi 4 with a combination of USB booting via SSD?
Which system is working?

I tried:
haos_rpi4-64-7.0.rc1.img.xz The camera could not be connected in the home assistant.
haos_rpi4-7.0.rc1.img.xz could not be booted via usb and ssd.

Are you trying to connect a camera directly to Rpi or are you taking about a security type camera that is connected via wifi / LAN network?

Camera connected directly to Rpi

Raspberry Pi camera or USB Camera ?

raspi cam

OK so still confused about what you are asking. You can boot the Rpi from a MicroSD card, not sure about a USB stick, never tried.

I’ve also never tried to connect the Rpi camera directly to the pi…not sure why you just wouldn’t use a USB camera…

OK. So, which camera to choose (either connected directly via a slot on RPi or via usb) so I can use one that is compatible with a 64bit home assistant running via ssd?