Running on VM, "system is deadlocked on memory"


My is running in a VirtualBox machine, on a Win 10 system.
The hardware is a Z8300 CPU with 2GB RAM (64 bit).

The VM has 784mb memory allocated, 2 processors with hardware acceleration enabled.

Once in a while (2-3 weeks) the system hangs and I see on the console an error msg that says: “end Kernel panic - not syncing: System is deadlocked on memory”, and then the system is locked until I force a shutdown.

HA runs well on a 1GB RAM pi. I know Win 10 takes up some memory but I have 1.1GB memory available on the machine before starting the VM.

How do I proceed to debug this? What could be the source?

Appreciate any help! Thanks.

I have ran into the same issue as well, also would like to know what may be the cause.