Running on VM, "system is deadlocked on memory"


My is running in a VirtualBox machine, on a Win 10 system.
The hardware is a Z8300 CPU with 2GB RAM (64 bit).

The VM has 784mb memory allocated, 2 processors with hardware acceleration enabled.

Once in a while (2-3 weeks) the system hangs and I see on the console an error msg that says: “end Kernel panic - not syncing: System is deadlocked on memory”, and then the system is locked until I force a shutdown.

HA runs well on a 1GB RAM pi. I know Win 10 takes up some memory but I have 1.1GB memory available on the machine before starting the VM.

How do I proceed to debug this? What could be the source?

Appreciate any help! Thanks.

I have ran into the same issue as well, also would like to know what may be the cause.

Did anyone ever figure this out?

Same problem here. Running on Virtual Box 6.0.2.
Plenty of space, plenty of memory. But, the error described above occurs every now and then.

An way to debug that and find the root cause?

I had the same error with VirtualBox an a Mac mini server.
I made an automation that restarts HA everyday at night. That works for the kernel panic but creates other problems.
I ended up installing hassio on docker inside a Latte Panda Alpha (similar to intel NUC) with ubuntu. Works great for month now.

One question: did you install Windows 10 AND VirtualBox to the LattePanda?



I installed VirtualBox on a Macmini with MacOS.

Now I’m running Latte Panda Alpha with Ubuntu and Hassio in Docker

I’m experiencing the deadlock on memory too. I’m running on a NUC. Same as most others: VM with Virtualbox using 2 of the 4 cores and 3GB of RAM(!!!).

In the beginning I experienced this only once every few months. But since a few weeks it’s happening every few days. I’m monitoring the CPU and memory use inside and made an automation to restart if it’s running out of memory (>90% memory use = restart). This didn’t change anything. uses only 20% of the available RAM. It doesn’t rise over time at all, according to the graph.

Does anyone have an idea of what could cause it then?