Running out of disk space, but can't see which container is using it all

I have a oDroid-N2+ (4GB)with an 8GB eMMC running HomeAssistant OS 9.3, Supervisor 2022.10.2, HomeAssistant 2022.11.1, and Frontend 20221102.1-latest.

Today, I tried to update to Home Assistant Core 2022.11.2 and got an error that my disk was too full. Hmmm, that’s odd. So, let me follow the instructions and do the “Recorder: Purge” as well as packing the DB…

So, far so good. but when I looked (via SSH) at the OS, I saw…

Okay, so my disk is full, let’s find out where… (can’t embed 2 images) see reply

So, I’m using 244MB (give or take) according to du -k but according to df -k I’m using 5,578MB?

So, I have to break out of this container and see what is going on at the top layer. So, how to get there without dragging a monitor and keyboard out?

Here’s the du output…

Well, to answer my own question. I had to connect my oDroid to a TV and USB keyboard, boot it to the HA cli, then ‘login’ to get access to the underlying os.

With a little of digging, seems that docker had some old images that were not being used, and thus I did a ‘docker image prune’ and I’m now down to 55% used vs 86% used. So, I can now do the update to HA Core that prompted this whole rabbit hole.

Will look for a docker manager option next.