Ruuvi tag in sauna

System - Core 2024.7.1 - Supervisor 2024.06.2 - Operating System 12.4 on Intel NUC

In searching for a better device to monitor temp and humidity in my sauna I bought a Ruuvi tag.
My current setup has a shelly plusHT. The temperature is pretty consistent but the humidity values are way off. I contacted Shelly who told me the device should not even be in my sauna (hoping that the battery doesn’t explode some day).
So I setup the Ruuvi tag using the app on my phone - gotta be one of the most seamless setups I have done on any device. Anyway put the device in the sauna and found that HA doesn’t see my device. Further reading indicates that my system being an Intel NUC doesn’t do bluetooth very well.
So - I thought i would pair the Ruuvi with the app on a sauna controller device (galaxy tab) that is just outside the sauna and allows control througha HA dashboard of other components being ice bath, lighting etc. The Galaxy reads the data but for the life of me I can’t work out how to get that across to HA.

Any ideas?

Do you have more products from Shelly? Plus or Pro
You can use these in HA as a BT gateway

I don’t have any Shelly’s nearby that would do the job. I had considered buying a bluetooth dongle and running an extension usb cable so that the dongle is the other side of the sauna wall. The wall has lots of insulation with foil backing inside.
Would love it if I could hard wire the ruuvi to my system rather than rely on bluetooth.

Actually a different topic, but which Ruuvi tag do you have? Range is apparently -40 ºC to +85 ºC, I think.

How warm does your sauna get?

Instead of a BT dongle, I would buy a Shelly Mini Gen3, for example, to test this. If that doesn’t work, I’m sure you’ll find another task for it

Sauna gets around 80 or so. The higher temp is only achievable with a ‘special’ battery. When I tried to source one of these in Australia I couldn’t find a supplier.
Will look at the Shelly mini Gen3. Got about ten shellys sitting around looking for projects.
I have the RuuviTag 10BE. Would be great if I could just display the ruuvi app screen within my HA dashboard for my sauna. That won’t allow me to run automations though without having a sensor value.