RV with shore power energymeter

Our RV is smart, so it has its own HA control unit and various sensors.

Usually, most RVs are equipped with a shore-power plug-in. This allows the RV to be supplied with power at campsites. Here the maximum allowed current consumption is often limited to 6A, 10A or 16A depending on the campsite. At other campsites, costs are charged according to power consumption. So there are various reasons to make power consumption controllable.

Our camper is also equipped with an inverter with bypass function. I also wanted to be able to control this power in order to be able to see the utilisation of the inverter and also to avoid an overload, even if the inverter itself has protective mechanisms against overload.

I chose the shelly em, with which I have already had very good experiences. It has a very good integration. The shelly em also has the option of measuring two currents. This makes it possible to control both the shore-power connection and the 240V output of the inverter. In addition, installation in the RV is very easy, as the split core current transformer only needs to be clipped over the connection cables.

With this installation, you get a very good overview of the current power consumption, the current and the energy consumption in defined time intervals.

This way, a template sensor can easily be defined that indicates whether shore power is off/on.

  - binary_sensor:
      # Sensor detecting shore power is plugged in
      - name: `shore power in`
        delay_on: `00:00:06`
        delay_off: `00:00:06`
        state: >
          {{ (states(`sensor.income_power`)|float |abs) > 0 }}