Samba Backup on HAOS not finding share / sever

I’ve been trying to get the Samba Backup add-on to work. I’ve installed Home Assistant using the HAOS method. The Samba Backup logs indicate it cannot connect to the server. Does HAOS include the necessary Samba support (e.g., smbclient, cifs)? I cannot find any of those. Nor can I find a package manager by which to install such (which, I’m guessing, is by design).

I have established that my share is accessible and that the credentials are correct. A macOS Ventura laptop is hosting the share which I can successfully access from a Windows machine.

Oddly, I have successfully shared the HAOS backups folder and can mount it on my macOS laptop.

My core goal is to create an automated means of off-loading backups. I’m not a fan of Google Drive. I could use an iCloud drive (but that support too is not present).


Sigh. Disregard. Solved. My initial user name contained spaces. Samba Backup does not like user names with spaces.