Samba share - access from another subnet

Hey everyone,

I’d like to ask for your help to setup my config properly. I’ve got a samba share on my local network with the IP address. I can access the share with no problem in 192.168.2.x subnet but I’d like to open it from my another subnet 192.168.1.x with no success.
Please help me, how i can set it up?

Thanks in advance,


can you ping from a PC of your subnet 192.168.1.x


sounds like a routing issue. Or Subnet mask / Gateway wrong.


So i’ve got a main router on the that I got from the provider. I’ve got an android box ( in this subnet and my own router on the with all my devices even HA in this subnet. I can’t use the android box with my router so that’s why that in the other subnet. On the android box I’d like to setup an access to my samba share on HA but I can’t even ping the device. However I can ping android box from my 192.168.2.x subnet.
My HA network setup: