Samba Share addon overwrite samba server conf

Been using Samba Share addon since forever now, never an issue.
I’m on home assistant supervised.
Now I’m trying to set up a samba server on my host (debian) but Samba share overwrite the host samba server. If I stop samba addon then I can see my shared folders.
Not sure how can I fix this, there’s a way to add personal folders to be shared into the samba addon? Didn’t find how.

SMB use a fixed port for both receiving and transmitting, so you can not run two instances at the same time on the same network connection.
You might be able to make virtual NIC and get another IP for that, which can then be used for an instance of the service.
Your physical NIC have to be able to run in promiscuous mode though.

Thanks, I will dig into it and see if I’m able to.
I also will look into the new management storage of HA to see if I can still access to the samba server locally.