Samsung integration TV - two other VLAN

Hi. I have my Home Assistant in other VLAN 10 than VLAN where is my Samsung QLED TV VLAN default.
Communication between this two VLANs is setu as access. From Home Assistant to TV and from TV to Home Assistant. But i can not add TV to HA because it is in ither VLAN. Is any solution for it ?
My network in home is build on Ubiquiti UDM pro and switches.

Home Assistant i have installed as Home Assistant operating system on my HP T630 termina. HA is connected by LAN. HP T630 also has wifi card but when i connect from HA by WIFI to VLAN SSID whee is TV it looks that works but sometime HA has a problem because try get from Ubiquiti the same address on LAN and WIFI. I have setup FIX IP on wifi from TV VLAN but it no working also…