Samsung smart tv frustration

I used to have an old samsung tv with an external chromecast.
This allowed me to detect when we put a netflix/disneyplus… movie on and HA would dim the lights. If we paused the movie HA could detect that and the lights would come back up.

Got the new Q65Q70A smart TV and I cannot find a way to implement the same feature. Can’t detect ‘pause’ or ‘mute’.

I have the sound coming (optical) through a Sonos sound system and it can’t detect anything useful either.

Has anyone found a way round this hurdle?

Yeah much the same with LG WebosTV. Very bloody annoying.

Perhaps plug the chromecast back in?

Was tempted but I have now got a sort of solution.

I combine the knowledge of what is playing on the TV from the samsung HACS add-in and monitoring my linked sonos system’s mute setting to achieve a solution.
This is : if I play a movie in the evening (sun down) then the lights dim. If I want the lights back up without exiting the movie, eg to go get a drink, etc, then pressing the tv remote’s ‘mute’ tells my sonos to mute which tells HA to turn the lights back up and the TV to pause as well.
I also had to make the mute button always pause/resume a movie to avoid family confusion.


You can also use command line to ask what is running.
Let me know if you need help with that.

Tizen OS SDK Tools on mac may be need.