Samsung SmartThings Zigbee Sensor Compatibility?

I’ve made the jump to Home Assistant with the intention of moving all my sensors off SmartThings to Home Assistant. All my Peanut and Sonoff Zigbee outlets migrated without any trouble, and have migrated my two Bosch motion sensors. Frustratingly, I can’t seem to get the SmartThings multipurpose sensors to be recognized properly. They’re added immediately via ZHA as a Samsung multiv4 when pairing, but none of the entities for the sensor are reporting data (temperature, motion, contact, etc.). It appears that some users have had success adding these sensors, while many others are encounter the same problems I am. Any suggestions would be appreciated! I’m running HA on a Windows machine with a Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus.

This site is great for helping identify which Zigbee products work with your chosen Zigbee add-on: