Samsung TV improved control with webCoRE

to be honest, after testing a couple of components, jaruba among them, I wasn’t completely pleased. I’ve been using jaruba’s for more than a year, which is great, but recently certain features went down for my model and moved away to something else.

I ended up creating my own “integration”, mixing webCoRE (webCore only works for TVs showing up in Smartthings) with http requests and node red (I assume it can be done in HA as well) and putting everythign together with the universal media player integration in HA. I’ts not really hard, I’m kind of a newbie and it works worlds better than any integration I tried.

The tv updates every 5 seconds in HA and always sets the correct picture and sound settings for every source/app/whatever, which were my two main aims. Beyond that,webcore does feature a bunch of available commands not present in any integration. It would be great if we could investigate webCoRE together in this forum because the majority of commands are straightforward but some aren’t and there’s not documentation about them in the webCoRE forums. We are probably missing something really powerful whithin webcore and it can be really easily triggered from HA. Here are all the commands available for my TV.

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Personally I did this in webcore itself. Doing this the TV updates every 5 seconds. it’s not recommended but I’ve been using it for a month without issues and it does make the difference. The best component I found in this regard is jaruba’s and it took up to 20 seconds to update. Quite an improvement. I wouldn’t go any lower than 5 seconds though.

It’s possible to create sensors like this, through and http request to a webhook in HA:

Then receive that information in a NR webhook and pass that info into an entity node to create your sensor (I guess it can be done in HA as well)

and then you can use those sensors to create a universal media player.

  - platform: universal
    name: smartthings_samsung_tv
    state_template: "{{states('switch.tvaca')}}"
      volume_level: sensor.tvaca_volume
      source: sensor.smartthings_source
    device_class: tv

Is it cloud dependent? What’s required to run welcome? Tks

it is cloud dependant, you don’t need a hub. Just the smartthings app and some device integrated in ST. You also need your instance to be accesible from outside your local network to get states.

Thanks for info and good work… its a non runner for me I’m afraid, prefer local control.

I’ve resorted to getting a cheap Broadlink IR and I’ve managed to get tizen_tv to report states (generally every 30 secs which isn’t ideal but better than nothing).

Have an LG TV on order and gonna sell the Samsung… never again!