Save and restore multiple (different kind) states?

Hi everybody,

I could do this via some helpers, but perhaps there is already a copy/paste solution, so I thought I’d ask here first :wink:

Is it possible to save multiple different states when something happens? For example, when I leave the house => switch x is on, climate y is set to 25 degrees. (In this case, I want to turn off switch x and set climate y to 15 degrees).

when I return => set switch x to whatever it had been before leaving the house, set climate y to whatever degrees it had been at before leaving. If I leave the house and switch x had not previously been on, I don’t want it to be turned on upon return.

I thought I’d use helpers (binary_sensor for whether it had previously been on and input_number for the radiator state), then write an automation accordingly. But imho it is somewhat annoying having all those helpers, so I’d prefer a different kind of solution.

Thank you for your ideas :slight_smile:

Have a read about creating scenes on the fly: