Scan interval < 1 sec

it is possible to set the scan interval of several devices at less than 1 sec, ie a few milliseconds. If it is possible RaspberryPi3 has problems managing a pooling so fast for 40 devices + 15 cameras?


I don’t believe that HA will work with values less than a second. In my experience setting anything less than a second will result in it firing when the next second interval comes around. So some could be less than a second and others could be at 1 second.

But are I wanted to monitor the status of a button like I should do?
But even if it were a second one for 40 devices, my system has some difficulty in managing the scanning, if I change the raspberry with a nuc i3 do you think things can improve?

No not even with a NUC i7.

You should not have to poll for a state change. What device are you trying to monitor?

The device is nothing more than a series of 3 relays (PE3) connected with bus protocol to another device that acts as an ethernet interface (UCLAN). For example to reach the single relays I have a path like this:


A single UCLAN can have multiple PE3s

Unfortunately the device is an old generation propetary device that gives me the status only if called. I managed to get the transmission protocol from the company with which I managed to make the python libraries that I queried, and change the states.
In attach a scheme of system: