Scene - force state update to all included entities regardless their state

Is the a way to force scene (when invoked) to update all entities defined in scene? At present state change is pushed only to entities with different state. However I need to push state “change” to entities already in same state as defined in scene too…


Some of my device work in “optimistic” mode. Their state can be changed outside of HA (by a button). However the change is not reported back to HA due to hardware limitation. This results in scenes not working properly. For example my All off scene then leaves manually switched on entities turned on.

As workabout I’m using turn_off service (which works regardless state) along the scenes in automations. But it is suboptimal and does not solve problem of scenes not working correctly.

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I have the same issue due to zwave issues where the state gets out of sync. I don’t really care what Home Assistant thinks the state is since I don’t really use the control panel but my automations fail all the time. This didn’t happen in 0.96 IIRC.

I see discussion here.