Scheduler-Card doesn’t show entities

I’m new to HA and HACS, so please forgive me in case I forgot mandatory information to resolve my request.

Last week I’ve created my HA system based on the latest repositories, running as HAOS on a Proxmox VM.

I found the scheduler-card/-component soluition would be perfect for my scheduling of lights. I managed installing the scheduler-card.

I’ve now added the scheduler-component (manually). It shows up in the HACS integrations and intergrations in HA. The firmware version is 3.3.3.

The scheduler shows in the dashboard. However, if I try to add a schedule, I cannot select an entity, group or action to create the schedule.

I didn’t find any similar issues so far in this forum.

Do you have any idea what went wrong?

Thank you & Cheers


Hi Community,

Once you make things right, they work.

I managed resolving this by myself. Actually, the directory the scheduler-card.js was stored by the system didn’t tie up with the path in the Dashboard resources link.

Now this appear to work.

Apparently, a set of fresh eyes helped here.

Thank you & Cheers