Schlage BE469 Lock attribute error with Hubitat custom integration

I’vre had 2 of these locks working in HA for about a year now. They are using Hubitat as the zwave hub and I’m using the hubitat integration. All of a sudden when I went in and changed the codes (I did this via the Lock Code Manager in hubitat since I don’t know of a way to change codes from within HA) one of the locks is getting the following error when I try and lock or unlock it via HA: " Failed to call service lock/unlock. Code ‘’ for locking Back Door Lock doesn’t match pattern ^\d{6}$ ". When I lock or unlock either device from Hubitat it works. The other lock also works fine from HA. When I started inspecting the devices, I found that the lock that is now not working has an additional attribute named “Code Length” with a value of “6”. The list of attributes in the dropdown shows it along with the other attributes like the codes and their names. That device also has a text field that says ‘Code’ that allows a code to be typed in and a button for Lock/Unlock using that typed code. The other device (that is still working from HA) does not have that ‘Code’ field or the additional attribute “Code Length”. I’m assuming HA doesn’t know what to correctly do with that attribute and the service is failing. I don’t know if this is an issue with HA or with the hubitat integration, but I had to start somewhere. Anyone have any ideas or similar experiences?

just looking at the code for that integration, it looks like it’s a setting on the device that’s provided to HA by hubitat. I’d start looking at the configuration of the lock in hubitat.

I went into Hubitat and looked at the settings on the lock that now doesn’t work in HA, the one that has the extra attribute of ‘Code length’. I compared it to the lock that still works in HA, and that lock did not have the ‘Code length’ set in Hubitat. It did have the place for it, and a red ‘required’ field. Once I set the Code length on that lock, it added the attribute through the integration and into HA. That lock now gets the same error. I don’t know if Hubitat had an update for the device to now include the Code length as an attribute or what, but the integration in HA is not able to properly consume that attribute from Hubitat and now neither lock works in HA.