Scrape help sensor stays unknown

Hi, any help is appreciated.
I’m struggling to get the scrape working again.

What I’m after is the price range and value development on the following site

the range is in the span ‘value-range’, so I assume that I need to put this into the scrape selector:
with index 0
but the error is “Index ‘0’ not found in” unfortunately.

the same value range is listed twice on the page, but when I try to use “.value” the warning is the same:

I’m also after this value, on the same page again:

it has also “value” as div class, so I assume I need to put “.value” into the scrape selector
I’ve tested a couple of times with index 0, 1 or 2 but the sensor stays on unknown?!

no one has a suggestion? :frowning:

the value which I’m after is present in the source code of the page
and it’s span (value-range) is used only once there, so the scrape must find this value easily right?

<div class="detail-item detail-item-price ">
<span class="title">
Realistische woningwaarde
<svg id="titleValuationDisclaimer" xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 512 512" class="more-info-tooltip">
<path d="M256 0C114.6 0 0 114.6 0 256s114.6 256 256 256s256-114.6 256-256S397.4 0 256 0zM256 480c-123.5 0-224-100.5-224-224s100.5-224 224-224s224 100.5 224 224S379.5 480 256 480zM256 184c13.25 0 24-10.74 24-24c0-13.25-10.75-24-24-24S232 146.7 232 160C232 173.3 242.7 184 256 184zM304 352h-32V240C272 231.2 264.8 224 256 224H224C215.2 224 208 231.2 208 240S215.2 256 224 256h16v96h-32C199.2 352 192 359.2 192 368C192 376.8 199.2 384 208 384h96c8.836 0 16-7.164 16-16C320 359.2 312.8 352 304 352z" /></svg>
<span class="value">
<span class="value-range">
€ 550.000 -

the value range is listed twice on the page and when I lookup the second one:

<h4 class="t-text-base t-font-normal t-mb-0 t-font-medium t-text-grey-600 ">
Realistische woningwaarde
<span class="t-float-right t-text-sm  t-text-grey-400">jul 2024</span></h4>
<div class="t-text-lg  t-mt-3">

€ 550.000 -


this span (t-text-lg t-mt-3) is also unique on the page and present in the source code, so it must be picked up by the scrape?! but the scrape sensors stay unknown unfortunately.