Scraping a Map from a Website

I want to have a Map with the live fuel prices of my City in Home Assistant. So i decided to not work with the Homeassistant Map because it looks pretty ugly and i saw many posts that this is not the best solution. So i found a Website with a live Map and updates for the fuelprices in my City. I want to scrape that map into homeassistant and thats basicly it. My Problem now is that i have no clue how i should get only that Map in to Homeassistant. Here is the Website Link: Deutschland-Tankkarte in Echtzeit
i would be super gratefull if somebody could help me.

Hello Fabi,

Using scrape won’t work in this scenario. Instead, you’ll want to use the Webpage card (iframe) to embed a website into your Home Assistant dashboard.

The website you’re referring to provides a feature to generate the iframe code. Look for the option:

[Die angezeigte Karte auf der eigenen Homepage einbinden]

You’ll need to extract the URL (highlighted in yellow) from the suggested HTML iframe. Here’s an example of how it might look:

Once you have the URL, you can create the Home Assistant iframe card as follows:

type: iframe
url: >-
aspect_ratio: 80%
title: Fuel Prices

This will embed the fuel price map into your Home Assistant dashboard. Adjust the aspect_ratio and title as needed to fit your preferences.