Screwed up Configuration.yaml how to edit

I use Home Assistant via virtuabox on windows. I messed up my configuration.yaml while trying to setup duckdns and now I can’t get back into the portal

I remember being able to edit the configuation.yaml in the past via the home assistant command line, however I can’t remember how.

I’ve never used VirtualBox and you don’t say what the host O/S is, but have you tried “help”?

lol…thanks for that.

Anyway I found the old article that fixed it.

oh right, forgot you can get access to docker cli from there. Yep that’ll work.

For future, you might want to consider installing the SSH or Samba addons. Those are separate containers from HA and provide access to the config without relying on ingress and the HA UI. That way you can get to and edit the config easily even when the UI is down in a pinch.