🧯 Script Blueprint for google_translate_say (NOT an Automation Blueprint)

This Script Blueprint uses Google_translate_say to send the message. This is the default TTS in Home Assistant.

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Updates will be published on my GIT repository with the rest of my Home Assistant Blueprint collection.

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Open your Home Assistant instance and show the blueprint import dialog with a specific blueprint pre-filled.

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:page_facing_up: Description

This Script Blueprint uses Google_translate_say to send the message. This is the default TTS in Home Assistant.

I have my TTS configuration looking like this. You may need to adjust the blueprint if yours is different:

- platform: google_translate
  service_name: google_translate_say
  language: 'en'

:gear: Usage


You can import the script blueprint via the button above or manually as below, however it does not show in the UI as there is no Script Blueprint UI and it is not an Automation Blueprint.
To import this Blueprint:

  • Open Home Assistant with administrator privileges and on a Lovelace screen, click anywhere in the main entity area and type the letter ‘c’. A selection box should pop up. Type blue and select the button to navigate to blueprints. You can also find blueprints by selecting configuration from the left menu and then blueprints from the center menu.
  • Once there, click on the ‘Import Blueprint’ button in the lower right side of the main screen.
  • In the ‘URL of the blueprint’ line type or paste in the URL of my Blueprint. I have the blueprint stored on my Public REPO on GitHub:

Home Assistant

Once installed, go into blueprints and use this to add a script with your variables. Answer the required questions and you can change or ignore the ones with defaults. Remember the name you typed in. For this example, we will suppose you named the script:
TTS Test One
After that, where ever you want this TTS to sound off in another script or an automation, you simply add a service: (See full examples in my configuration, link below.)

- service: script.tts_test_one

This makes your automation very clean looking and you move all the ‘noisy’ code elsewhere. It has greatly improved my ability to think out automations. This also keeps me from having to write the same code over and over for every TTS I want to send out. I have almost 30 different messages in my Home Assistant Configuration

:bulb: Fun Ideas

This is a very simple sample test case, I wanted to see if it would work. To my delight I have been replacing all the TTS instances in my configuration with blueprints. It puts all the mess in one place. To call a specific message, I just fire the calling script and I have a 1 liner, done.

I have recently found that the !input will accept templates. Who knew, right? I have a few TTS instances that call for a random response, I just need the sound for timing of something I’m doing, and I found that something like this craziness works. It is the lyrics from a song and when triggered, it just picks one of them to play using random. It also picks a random language to speak the message from the list. Pretty slick, right?
NOTE: After this was edited to get a pick list, you will need to manually edit the blueprint to change the language to a text input field or you will need to manually edit the script calling blueprint to similar values.


  • 2021-08-26: First blueprint version :tada:
  • 2021-11-20: Changes because of release of Blueprint Script UI
    • Add Minimum Home Assistant 2021-11-0
  • 2021-12-15: Changed link to get language acronyms. Functionally the same.
  • 2021-12-24: Add pick list of all the available languages,

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Added a pick list for the languages on both the cloud_say and the google translate_say versions above.

Hi @Sir_Goodenough
Thanks for creating this blueprint :smile:

I was wondering if you were willing to and interested in updating it so it resumes any media player activity, like How continue play the previous music after a tts voice announcement? - #19 by ghassan?

I don’t believe that is possible without the Google Developer integration installed.
Or, at least I haven’t found a way.
It will take more than a simple Blueprint to pull that off.

Thanks for the kind words. :heart:

Blueprint was edited to move the code to a GitHub REPO.
The copies in the GIST will stick for a short time, but please use the new links in the main post text above.

Just what I was looking for - thanks!
Also… good selection of lyics.
\m/ >_< \m/

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