🧯 Script Blueprint for google_translate_say (NOT an Automation Blueprint)

This Blueprint has been Deprecated and replace with one that does more. Please see :fire_extinguisher:TTS All Message Blueprint below.

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:fire_extinguisher:Broadlink on Script Blueprint

:fire_extinguisher:Tasmota EZ Button Blueprint

This Script Blueprint generates 3 Buttons to help you manage your Tasmota installed base. Restart All, Update a few, and Update all.

:fire_extinguisher:Play Media File Script Blueprint Blueprint

This is a SCRIPT Blueprint. This provides a way to play canned media files with the big long list of YAML entries but keep the main script or automation clean.

:fire_extinguisher:TTS All Message Blueprint

This script can use any of the 11 integrated TTS Platforms in Home Assistant to send a message to a media player.

:arrows_clockwise: Automations

:fire_extinguisher:Auto Fan Control Blueprint

This Blueprint is for controlling a 3 speed fan based on a temperature sensor. Intended for Ifan03/Ifan04 but useful other places.

:fire_extinguisher:Door Open TTS Cloud-Say Message Blueprint

This Blueprint is a TTS.cloud-say version of another Door Announcer I found in the HA Blueprint Exchange.

:fire_extinguisher:Keypad Lock or puzzle Box Tool Blueprint

This Blueprint accepts 5 actions & when done in the right order, flips an input_boolean.

:fire_extinguisher:Zigbee2MQTT - Xiaomi Cube Controller Blueprint

This Blueprint uses a Zigbee2MQTT built sensor to sort out the multitude of commands from the Xiaomi Magic Cube Remote.

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Added a pick list for the languages on both the cloud_say and the google translate_say versions above.

Hi @Sir_Goodenough
Thanks for creating this blueprint :smile:

I was wondering if you were willing to and interested in updating it so it resumes any media player activity, like How continue play the previous music after a tts voice announcement? - #19 by ghassan?

I don’t believe that is possible without the Google Developer integration installed.
Or, at least I haven’t found a way.
It will take more than a simple Blueprint to pull that off.

Thanks for the kind words. :heart:

Blueprint was edited to move the code to a GitHub REPO.
The copies in the GIST will stick for a short time, but please use the new links in the main post text above.

Just what I was looking for - thanks!
Also… good selection of lyics.
\m/ >_< \m/

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My Daughter picked…