Script for Hue scene


I am just going mad trying to create a script to use Hue Scene.
It’s very simple, I have a room named “Studio” and a scene in Hue named “due”. I am 100% sure of this as I checked in the Hue app, the names are correct.

I have written the following script:

      - service: hue.hue_activate_scene
          group_name: "Studio"
          scene_name: "due"

And I get the following error:

Invalid config for [script]: [due_on] is an invalid option for [script]. Check: script->script->script->due_on. (See /config/configuration.yaml, line 14).

Any hints?

Thank you!

If this is in a file referenced in your configuration.yaml with an !include (such as script: !include scripts.yaml), remove script: from the top of this file. The script: key in your configuration.yaml takes care of that.

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Thank you - trivial error … it’s my first try with script.