Script for spotify and different accounts

Hi, sorry if this is placed in the wrong forum sektion.
I hope someone knows how to proceed for the following. Today we have a family account on spotify, I would like to have a script for each person so when for example I click on “johan” my liked songs from my account play on the selected speaker, “michelle” on her name plays it her liked songs on her speakers. But how do I go about this? (totally lost when it comes to script so i need a guide for idiots :wink: //Regards

Do you have it enable in HA

haven’t done that yet since i was not sure how to ad multiple accounts or if that’s needed ( reading about it now)

Me either
But from what i read you will need to do each one
and change the cache file location to be different for each one

just fund this reading on latest release this shulde work perfekt