SD card crashed but can recover the homeassistant directory and other config files, best path forward?

I think the boot directory of my SD card has crashed (pi won’ boot). I don’t have snapshots, but I am able to recover the homeassistant directory (e.g. /config in the image), and, so far, everything else on partition 8 (apparently other HASSIO level files, including docker, images and .json config files etc. - I’ve not seen this part of the system before).

I’m going to try and repair the card under Ubuntu, but if that doesn’t work, what is the best path forward for a new install onto a fresh card. That is, can I simply start copying over .yaml files, the .storage directory and other config files, or is there a more organized way to go about this?

Thanks for any help or suggestions

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Flash a new image to the card. Copy over your entire /config directory, including any hidden sub directories.

You will have to manually reinstall and configure any addons.

This worked amazingly well. Thanks!