Se Hardware Use in HA

Im very new to HA.
I have re-installed Home Assistnat Supervised on Debian 11 after i did something wrong.
But it is up and running again. I learned something new as well.

I have been thinking mutch on the electricity my servers are using.
I have a HP Slimline 450-a107nom witth a HDD (mecanical Harddrive) at the moment that i am going to change for a SSD in a couple och days. Cause an SSD draw mutch less energy then an a HDD.

Computer Hardware:
CPU: AMD A6-6310 @1800 MHz (Boost upp till 2400MHz)
RAM: 8GB (1x8GB) DDR3 1600 MHz
HDD: 80GB Samsung HD080HJ/P

Now the Computer have been peeaked upp to 24-25 Watts om max.
But it is down to about 15-17 Watts under “normal use”.
First of all i want to have a graph on how mutch resouces HA use and maybee “undeklock” both CPU and RAM to make it use less energy.
is there some way to do it in Home Assistant and be able to go back and see when it was a peak and how mutch resources it used.
My firsd messure during the Debian 11 and HA install was on a energy reader i connected to the power cord. And i have only one of those.