Searching for a Home Assistant compatible bathroom scale


I’m looking for a Home Assistant compatible bathroom scale. I found numerous connected scales, but I’m unsure which one to choose. I often find this model, which works via bluetooth :
Would it be compatible ? Is there a documentation somewhere explaining how to connect it ?
Do you have devices to recommend other than this one ?

Thanks in advance for any answer, have a great day

I am using the xiaomi body composition smart scale 2 (which is also bluetooth) in conjunction with an add-on to support it.

Mine is in the bedroom which is fairly close to my HA server, so I don’t have comms issues. If it was in the bathroom, the signal would probably not reach. In this case I would be looking into using ESP device(s) with the miscale sensor and/or proxy sensors.

The addon also does the calculations for metabolism, fat (etc), whereas the miscale sensor only sends the raw weight and impedance data.

I use a withings scale, they have a nice api to get the data. There are also articles on how to intercept the connection to the withings servers within your wifi to grab the data early.

But what’s the benefit of connecting the scale to HomeAssistant over e.g. pulling the data from elsewhere?