Searching WiFi (16 amps) Thermostat compatible with tasmota/HA

Hi there,

I’ve searching about the last year for a WiFi based thermostat which can control my infrared panels in my home (need 16 amps / 230V rating). I’ve found some from china, but the software are proprietary and connects always to china servers.

I also have some SONOFF devices flashed with tasmota and use it in my home. Is there any thermostat which I can re-flash with tasmota? Or any other WiFi based (electrical) thermostat which is compatible with home assistant?

Here is an example of what I mean: Digitales Raumthermostat Unterputz mit App-Steuerung über WLAN, 69,95 €

This thermostat costs about 70€, is a little bit overpriced I think.
It would be nice if anyone has an idea.