Season sensor report wrong season

My season sensor reports that is is autumn, but only few days until christmas and living in Denmark, it defently should be winter at the moment.

But how to get the sensor to report correct season ?

Read the docs ?

Did that, but it only explain about astronomical or meteorological season. And as far as I understand both astronomical and meteorological season it should be winter at the moment.
In the Northern Hemisphere, the summer solstice falls on or around June 21, the winter solstice on or around December 22, the vernal or spring equinox on or around March 21, and the autumnal equinox on or around September 22.

So the docs dosnt ive a clue why ithe sensor should report autumn.

But maybe you could point me in the direction where to look :slight_smile:

Well, the astronomical (whitch is the default of the sensor) season winter begins at December 22.
So in the moment it shows autumn.
If you set the type: meteorological you will have winter.


Ohh then I did read the docs, but didnt understand that :slight_smile: Ill try change to type: meteorological

1 June today in the southern hemisphere, first day of our winter, yet the meteorological season sensor in HA still says Autumn.

Same issue here, today, trying to use ‘astronomical’ which, according to “the google,” today is the first day of spring (March 20, 2023). But HA season integration is showing Winter (and I’ve read the docs and I’ve tried setting it both to astronomical and to meteorological, just to test and confirm).

I’m thinking that maybe it won’t switch until noon today (ie, when the sun is directly above the equator, thus marking the official equinox)? Just a guess… I’ll post again at 12:01pm to confirm. :slight_smile: But if that’s true that’s a tad annoying - anyone looking to trigger an automation to mark the “first day of spring” would be out of luck if they wanted something to happen in the morning of what “becomes” the first day of spring?

according to the documentation, this information will be used:

To cut a long read short, Astronomical gives seasons based on the shortest/longest day and equinoxes. So in the Northern Hemisphere spring starts on 20 March). Meteorological gives seasons based on months (so in the Northern Hemisphere spring starts on 1 March).

Hmm, yeah, okay, I guess that explains it. And those dates/times are not accessible through the season sensor itself, correct? For example, if I wanted to create a dashboard for my children that said “Happy first day of Spring” this morning, there’s no way to do that with the season sensor, right, since the sensor is just sort of binary and just displays the current season “right now” as opposed to being able to calculate that it’s going to become season X “later on today”?

I don’t think so - because, in reality, spring would start when the sensor will (hopefully) change its state :wink:
Even if it is “20th of March”, it is only after 21:26 pm …

But yes, the information when exactly the sensor does switch is not available within an attribute or similar.

I’ve been looking extensively but could not find it, so here’s the question:

Does the season integration know when the next season change is?

Like sun.sun knows the next sunrise time and date and the next sunset time and date, I’d like to know when the next season change is upcoming?

As mentioned in my reply above, the sensor is using the “UT” Universal Time as when the Season information should change.

I’ve created a small automation, which is just sending a Message to my phone when this happens… unfortunately, I missed this notification - BUT - the automation was triggered correctly as far as I can see:

Triggered at 22:24 UTC+1 which should match as far as I could see.

The sensor does not display those values since it does not provide them within attributes or something.