Second Alternate Lovelace

Is it possible for me to create a second instance of lovelace? I would like to have one for testing. Also I might want to have a separate instance for a tablet interface only.

You can do the tablet one if you use the compact-custom-header as it lets you specify the user agent. Could potentially use a different browser/user agent for the ‘dev’ lovelace as well… But for that I’d just use a file and cut/paste different config in in the raw editor. (2 files… one for prod and one for dev and just use copy/paste in the raw editor.)

So you’re suggesting I overwrite my running lovelace config with a new config with the changes? Copy paste style?

I would like to keep my existing config though. I’d like to have two simultaneous versions of lovelace. One for me with all the bells and whistles and a basic one for everyone else. I tried to duplicate the lovelace config in the .storage folder to lovelace2, then navigate to it in my browser using lovelace2 instead of lovelace in the URL but that didn’t work. But essentially, that’s what I’m trying to do.

Take a look at Thomas Loven’s custom:state switch. It might be what you are looking for.
You can change the card being displayed based on the user signed-in.

If the entity parameter is set to user , which card is displayed will depend on the currently logged in users username.

I’m suggesting cut/paste from existing Lovelace to a new text file - so you can keep current config. Also doing the same to a different file. You can’t use both at the same time but could manage it pretty simply.

Ok got it. That’s what I was thinking you meant. Thats useful for testing. And I’m already using the custom compact header. I didn’t know about the user agent. I’ll check that out. Along with the custom: state-switch. Those might be the closest I’ll get to what I want to achieve.