Second user can login on computer but cannot login on iphone with ip address or app


I have home assistant running on a raspberry pi 4. I have the owner account. I can login with http://homeassistant.local:8123/ on my computer and phone and with the iOS app. I created a second user, as a base user (but also tried as an admin), and that user can login from a computer with a chrome browser but not from an iphone with the ip address or using the app. I also cannot login with that users credentials on my own iphone. The only error I get is invalid user or password. Since I can login from a computer I seem to have the password correct. Is there some sort of security setting I am not aware of? I have duckdns installed, but did not the enable the secure ssl with it.

edit: well that was unfortunate, it seems to be that I just had a special character in my password that the iphone must not like. I changed to a simple password of ‘test’ and logged in right away. I made the password longer but with more typical special characters and all is still good.