Second user can login on computer but cannot login on Samsung phone home assistant companion app

Just installed and have configured HA. I have the companion app installed on android, all works.

I setup my wife as a user. Installed the companion app on her android phone. She can access no problem. Then after some time, the HA will not load.

If I Uninstall the app and reinstall, the app will load and operate. Then after some time the app will not load. Only the reinstall will work.

How can I fix the companion app working on my wife’s phone?

hmmm. I may have found the problem. In the HA: People: [the user]: make sure the option: “Can only log in from the local network” is unchecked / not selected, etc.

Once I unchecked / not selected this option, the wife as a second user is able to log in from her mobile phone.