Secondary info From a different Entity

i have cover set up and i would like to show the window (binary_sensor) status open or closed in the secondary info from the cover entity.
i tried something like this:

  • entity: cover.bed_room_bed
    secondary_info: binary_sensor.bed_room_small

but nothing shows.

is it possible?

With what card type?

i dont know. this is the code. how do i know which type?

- square: false
type: grid
- type: entities
- entity: cover.stairs
- entity: binary_sensor.stairs


That’s the card type.
It has no notion of “secondary information”.

that wired because i can use secondary info:

Right. Well, read the doc to see what you can actually do as secondary info.

You can do it with this custom card:

this looks like what i need. but can i display info from another entity?
and I have another problem that i dont know how to install it…
i am very new to HA :grimacing:
i cant understand the installation guide, and from where i find the js file

Ah ok, if your new, you’ll need to read up on HACS to install it.

Maybe a bit much for someone new, but you’ll get there

so HACS i already have,

Excellent, in HACS, search for lovelace-template-entity-row and install it there. Youi’ll need to follow the rest of the install and setup instructions

thanks… so i installed in using HACS and i can use it.
however, i used it for cover and for the secondry it was fine but i lose the option to move the cover up and down. instead it just say OPEN

thats the code i used:
entity: cover.stairs
type: custom:template-entity-row
secondary: >-
{% if is_state(‘binary_sensor.stairs’, ‘on’)%} Window is Open {% else %}
Window is Closed {% endif %}

when i dont use the custom:template-entity-row then on the stairs window i also have the option to move the cover like the “Middle” cover.