Secret Contact

I have an idea but i don’t really know if it is possible to host this myself/make this work inside Home Assistant.

i was looking around the web trying to find a service which could contact my phone as soon as someone scans a qr code, i found this service: .

I was testing it out and i works really good you get a qr code which opens a page where anyone can type a message completly anonymous but i don’t really like how its behaving, it only sends emails which is suboptimal because my service provider checks the server only every 15 minutes for new emails and sometimes it doesn’t even check for hours.
it would be great for having it on your car so if you stand somewhere you shouldn’t they could message you before towing.

is there any way to get a similar service for home assistant maybe through an addon?

Use any on-line QR code generator to encode a webhook URL to a QR code and trigger an automation from that to send you a notification.

For the example in the above documentation (that obviously will not work):

Screenshot 2024-05-09 at 08-58-02 Free QR Code Generator Email QR Code Generator

i do this in our guest room to turn off the lights from the bed. however one wonky thing is that it will triggers a 0 byte download of the webhook response… which chrome flags as an insecure download if over http. that may raise some eyebrows or scare some unsuspecting soul if you’re having folks do it and not forwarned… i dunno if there’s a way around that.