Secur360 WiFi lights

So I have two SECUR360 Lights ( that connect via WiFi to my house’s WiFi. They work through the SECUR360 app, but I’d rather use them through Home Assistant. Any idea on how to do this? I didn’t see a SECUR360 integration option.

I installed this device and it showed up as a device to add via the Tuya integration. I had already connected it to the Secur360 app so I couldn’t actually complete the integration. I am going to try resetting it and removing it from the Secur360 app to see if I can pair it to the Smart Life app so that hopefully the Tuya integration can pick it up. I’ll report back if it works.

@jimimoore you ever get this working? I removed from Secur360 app, but Tuya doesn’t want to discover. Support is basically non-existent

@rhino @bcjmk did you ever figure this out? It seems like it should definitely be possible to add through Tuya, but I can’t seem to get it to pair.

Not sure if you ever got this working, but figured I’d reply in case anyone stumbles across this in the future.

If you remove the light from the secur360 app, it puts it into pairing mode. There will be a very faint red flashing light inside the sensor itself (not the actual flood lights).

Then, within Tuya, you add new device → wifi floodlight, but when you get to the step where it asks if the light on the device is blinking fast or slow, select fast, even though it’s actually blinking slow. If if you select fast it’ll ask you to connect to the devices temporary network, and this device doesn’t do that.

After that, it’ll take a couple minutes to pair (a timer will start) and you should be good to go.