Security camera outdoor for HA - please your help

Hello dear community,

I am new to this topic and am now trying to familiarize myself little by little.
Currently, I am in the selection of a new camera for the outside, the selection is huge.

Would like to spend of course no vast sums and now for starters rich me also only one that monitors the entrance area and the driveway.
I have a full-fledged server running OpenMediaVault here at home, but I don’t have a PoE infrastructure.
So connecting PoE would probably be difficult here at the house.
I think a camera with the combination of WLAN and power supply would be a suitable one.

Now at the beginning, I also do not really understand the interaction between HA and the camera.
Is it possible to tap only the stream, or can I also tap the entities of the motion detection through HA, so that the HA app on my Android smartphone shows me a message directly and connects me, when I click on it, with the stream (with automatic recording from the time of the motion detection for about 5 min (or until no more motion is detected))?
Can I then automatically save the streams that are created on my server?

I just know the luxury of the app with cloud solution (for example, Ring or Reolink), here live streaming and additionally still streams stored on motion.
But I want to use HA mainly and not have to switch back and forth between 2 applications. Also I am looking for a camera that can be easily integrated into HA.
Cloud constraints I want to avoid, most especially a subscriber moment for a cloud.

Now I have come across Amazon through numerous providers. Unfortunately, only a few of these providers are listed in :integrations:

  • Reolink ( RLC-410W)
  • TP-Link (Tapo C310)
  • HiKam (A7)
  • Wansview (W6)

I don’t want to make a wrong purchase decision now, so I’m asking for your advice.
Also I am open and grateful for any other advice and ideas.

Kind regards

no one an answer for me? :worried:

I could give some info, but it would be the 3rd the i answer the same question…

May I suggest you hit the search button first, and continue to ask questions from there??

Over the last 7 years, I have used Reolink, Foscam, WansView, and Amcrest. I have 6 outdoor cameras over my property (3 acres) - two wifi connected and four POE. I eventually got rid all all and settled on Amcrest.

  1. Technology changes rapidly and a US$70 camera is not too painful to replace every few years. Price/performance is great for Amcrest.
  2. HA integration has been flawless. Sensors provided for camera status, motion, etc. I use deepstack for object recognition. Object detected at front gate? I get a notification via Google assistant and the gate opens if the vehicle is recognized.
  3. The devices are solid. I have only had a problem with one dropping the stream after 12-18 hrs. Amcrest support promptly recognized the issue and replaced the camera (outside of their warranty period)
  4. All activity is recorded via FTP to my server. Old tech but super reliable.

Hope this helps.