Security Cameras not streaming

After upgrading to .113 my Axis and ONVIF (Hikvision) cameras stopped live streaming in the front end. Any idea what changed?

I have the same problem. Did you find a solution? Thanks!

Same problem here on 0.114 Hikvision won’t open up a working stream, tried with and without the preload box ticked.
Instar failed to be discovered but worked after manual setup and Amcrest workEd smoothly but hikvision does not. All my cameras work flawlessly on Openhab even the discovery and audio support.

I cannot get my Hikvision Camera to stream via the ONVIF Integration or via RTSP via the configuration.yaml. I have other apps that use the exact same RTSP stream setup to stream the Hikvision camera with no issues. I’m not sure what got broken from the transition from .112 to .113 but the moment I upgraded to .113 and subsequently .114 it no longer works…

me to any fixes for this I appreciate any help 2020.12.1