Seeking recommendations for inline fans

I’m in early stages of designing a cross-flow ventilation system for a Victorian home I’m renovating. I’ve got problem areas in cellar, bathroom and kitchen all with various signs of excessive moisture.
I’ve got temperature / humidity / pressure sensors throughout the house and am working on getting the dewpoint calculated.

So my next step is to get some fans installed so I can extract / intake air as needed, perform heat recovery and dehumidify air as it is brought into the house. There are a lot of overpriced fans out there that try to automate all this for me, but I’d rather rely on sensors for this and simply automate a relatively dumb but sturdy inline fan on/off to manage air intake / extraction, and adjust airflow velocity.

What fans are folks out there using in similar configurations? I’ve noted the CFLO100 at around £200 has dual flow, a boost feature and heat recovery, but no dehumidification. Much nicer, but way too automated are the VapourFlow devices. Anything else out there that folks have found that are HA hacker friendly?

I’m also wary of energy use and weighing the costs/benefits of an all-in-one device. Maximum energy efficienty is a high priority for me as well.

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