Selecting songs/playlists in GPMDP?


I am attempting to get HASSIO to control my Google Play Music Desktop Player, using the GPMDP media player platform.

I have successfully gotten HASSIO to pause, resume, next track, and previous track, but only if GPMDP is already running & with a playlist already queued (IE: I have to start the initial playback manually in GPMDP). I cannot seem to figure out how to get HASSIO to start the initial playback (which also means I cannot change the current playlist from inside HASSIO).

I am fairly certain that it is simply a matter of getting the correct values for “media_content_id” when using the Play Media option of the Media Player Component, but I just can’t seem to find the correct values myself.

Does anyone else have this working, and if so, can you share the relevant portion of your config?