Send a Shell command from remote PC through SSH to HA to reboot addon

I dont know if this is the right channel to ask this question but I am trying to send a command through ssh to HA to restart an addon. I want to do this with the command

ssh [email protected] ha addons restart bitwarden

I am trying to do this from my PFSense router to restart the addon once my SSL cert is renewed automatically through ACME. I am getting a error of

Unexpected server response time="2022-12-13T21:28:34-06:00" level=error msg="Unexpected server response"

I have tried manually logging into HA through SSH and typing the command out and it works, but I would like to send that command though PFSense automatically. I have also tried sending other commands to a different server in the same manner and it works (example: ssh [email protected] systemctl restart pveproxy) what can I do to achieve something like this?

So I posted this question in the Discord as well and someone might have pointed in the right direction. This command is what they suggested

curl -X POST -H "Authorization: Bearer ABCDEFGH" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"hassio":"a0d7b954_bitwarden"}' https://hassio.local/api/services/hassio/addon_restart

I have never used the RESTful API this way before im getting the error

{"message":"Data should be valid JSON."}

I am not sure what to do.

bitwarden is not an addon slug. Addon slugs take the form <repo hash>_<addon id>. To see your addon slugs enter the following

ha addons --raw-json | jq '.data.addons[] | {slug, name}'

You can also go to the addon settings page in the UI and look at the URL. The second to last resource path is the slug. Then to restart the addon from the cli you do this

ha addons restart <slug>

I do know the full addon slug I did not think I needed to type the whole thing out when I said in the post “I have tried manually logging into HA through SSH and typing the command out and it works” I know what command to send. I just do not know why it won’t send through ssh. I do know I can reset it though CLI but read the post, that is not what I want to do every time my SSL cert is renewed. I want to seed a command from a remote pc to restart the addon.