Send data to volkszaehler

Hello everybody,

I´m new in the Home Assistant World and i have a small problem. I’m trying to send data from various entities to volkszaehler. Unfortunately I have no idea how I could implement this. I hope someone can give me an idea.

This is nothing you can do “off the shelf”. You’d need to send some data to the API of Volkszaehler. This involves sending a REST command in json format (if I read the API description correct).

What exactly is it, that you want to send and why? For what I know about Volkszaehler, it is more of a polling than sending data to Volkszaehler.

REST was my first idea, I will trie it and you did read the description correct.

I chnage from FHEM to Home Assistant. Fhem collected the Data from the heatingsystem and transverd them to Volkszaehler. Yes and No with Volkszaehler you can collect data of various ways. Home Assistant store the data for 2 weeks and I need them for a longer period. I saved the data from the heating system and the power consumption for the last three years.

So what you want to achieve is storing your data from the last years into “something”, for now Volkszaehler?

I’d strongly recommend to take a look at the really great Add-ons InfluxDB and Grafana! :slight_smile:

As you can see, both are available as Add-ons for HA-OS, and are build for your use case. You should be able to transfer data from Volkszaehler to InfluxDB (idk how, but should be possible). And Grafana can visualize all the date nicely. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the hint. It looks very nice and I will tried it!

Thanks for your help!

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