Sending a String to SmartThings

Ok, I am stuck. I am looking for a better solution for text messaging my phone with home assistant updates. I am going the free option, and right now I have Home Assistant emailing my phone carrier and getting text messages that way. The issues I have is that the text messages come out of order and sometimes up to 30 minutes late. This does not work for me.

SmartThings gave me 100 free text messages a day (my home automation uses roughly 20), that were quick and reliable. I am attempting to setup some “virtual device” that both smart things and home assistant can see that has a STRING field. Goal would be for Home Assistant to load the text message into the STRING field and for Smart Things to trigger off a change in the field and take the STRING and text it to me (or trigger off a switch and then grab the field). I can’t find any virtual devices in SmartThings that allow me to enter strings into them in Home Assistant. I could go an extreme route and setup a few hundred dimmer switches and each switch represents a CHAR, but that would just be silly.

Any thoughts or help?