Sending Multiple Arm/Disarm Messages with MQTT Alarm Panel

Hi, I’m using a Paradox IP150S to control my alarm, and the way my installers have set up my alarm, it has 3 zones… 2 of them are for windows and 1 is for motion sensors.

So, when I want to do a “stay arm”, what it actually needs to do is to send “ARM_AWAY” to 2 zones ( which is 2 separate MQTT commands), and then to disarm, it needs to send “DISARM” to those 2 zones (2 commands)… This means I need to remap the ARM AWAY button to send both of those messages (2 state topics with 2 command topics).

For an “away arm”, it can do pretty much the standard thing and send “ARM_AWAY” to one of the zones… But I’d like to combine this all onto one alarm panel…

Any ideas?