Sense Power monitor automation

Hi Everyone,

I am just starting with HA and wanted to create automations using my Sense data, I am using the Sense intergration that was automatically picked up and wanted to be able to turn things on when I am producing excess solar power. I can setup a gauge on the dashboard with the current amount of power going back to the grid from solar but that data does not show up when I go to create an automation. Is there a way to add this to the automation section in sense?

Also the Sense monitor does work with Australian power grid(but sense does not give you any support in regards to this)

I have found that this data is available when creating a script, I just have to work out how keep the script running to apply the action when the power usage changes, if anyone could point me towards a thread that explains this the would be great!

Just for anyone who is looking for the answer it appears that when you add an automation from the sense intergration the Energy Production and Energy Usage does not appear but when you do this from the Automation section it does. My only question now is there a way to have the on and off in the same automation?