Sensor and Garage door opener shows under Switch category

Why does all my sensors and the garage door opener grouped under [Switch] Category, is there a way to move it to sensor group and garage to Lock group?

37 AM

Try this …

I was wondering why it acts like a switch. Its actually paired with Vera and under Vera UI is shows Garage Door - Opened/Closed depends on what the status is.

This is how it looks in Vera Controller
34 PM

I expect Vera reports it as a switch to HA, I think you can change it using a template or perhaps in customize.

As you said Vera properties say it as switch, but Vera somehow shows correct as Garage door and lets you show the status “Open/Closed”

Would I be able to modify this so it reports to HASS correctly?
45 PM

Did you figure out how to change this? My Vera reports my lock and opener as switches