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Do you use night lights in this automation? If not then use the night lights to run between 17:00 and 17:45 and set a 10 min delay for night lights.

If you do use night lights then maybe you could have 2 automation and use time condition to switch them.

Will this work for you?

Blacky :smiley:

Thank you again, i will try number 3.
but i miss on think, when i take a shower during the day the light will go on :wink:
even if it is bright enough

Then use Ambient Options and use a lux sensor.

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I think I’m on the wrong track.
I have it in the sensor light automation, but in the Bathroom Humidity Exhaust Fan automation there is no possibility to use an Ambient Options. sry for my question again.

Have a look at my set up. It uses ambient and it is what you are trying to do. It goes through both automation settings. Click Here

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New update 5.2

New Feature :new:

  1. Scripts - You can now use scripts in “Lights - Switches - Scenes - Scripts” and “Night Lights”. When you use a script to turn ON your lights you will need to add a scene with everything OFF and input it into “Scenes - Scripts To Turn OFF”. Like scenes, when using scripts it is recommended to input just one entity into “Lights - Switches - Scenes - Scripts” or “Night Lights” where scripts are the only input. Why? When using scenes an / or scripts the automation has no idea if any of the lights / switches are ON or OFF. For the automation to function correctly, adding just one entity in allows the automation to see what is going on.

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Blacky :grinning:


that will definitely work. Thanks for the suggestion. Means managing 2 automations but I understand you cannot change your blueprint for each and every new usecase/suggestion :slight_smile:
ohh I send you a small donation because I truly appreciate the quick help and support!

this would be a good feature for me to expand the time if someone turns on the light manualy.
if someone pushes the light switch, i programmed to turn the light 100% and enable bypass.
i have another automatisation for every room to turn the bypass off after 10 minutes without motion.
this feature implemented could save me about 10 automatisations. (its like a nomotion time expander)

I’m loving the versatility of this blueprint! I’m using it to control the lighting in my reptile room, with a motion sensor. However, I want the lights to COME ON during the day, based on sun elevation, to provide a more natural seasonal cycle. As near as I can tell, this will only turn the lights on when the sun is moving high → low. Is there a way to invert the sun logic?

New to HA, currently migrating from Hubitat and this is the first Blueprint I tried and loving it!
I have one longshot request though as I know this will only be helpful to a minority:

I have a long hallway with Zigbee bulbs. Ideally I’d like to have each bulb light up in succession in one direction with a set delay between each bulb when motion is triggered on one end of the hallway and in the other direction when motion is triggered on the other end of the hallway.

I could write a custom automation for that but then I’d lose all of the great features this blueprint offers. Is that something that is possible (probably yes) or desirable (probably no)??


Nice one.

Thanks look forward to your support.

Blacky :smiley:

Thanks for your suggestion I will put it on the list.

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Use normal lights for your day time then use night lights for your night time and use sun as the condition. If you don’t want any lights at night then don’t add any. This will allow light for the day time.

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Your in luck we just added to allow for scripts.

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Guess I’m off to figure out how to script then! :smiley:

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Hi, I love this Blueprint but I’m serching a solution for this simple case:
I want that automation don’t start if I turn on the light manually until I turn off the light manually. So, I want that automation dont turn off the light if I have turn it on manually even someone trigger the move sensor.
Who can help me?


Welcome to the community :wave:

You will have to use the by-pass option “1 turn ON”. You can’t use the light switch that is connected to the light. It has to be an independent switch.

Blacky :smiley:

Hi Blacky,
thanks for response. I’ve seen that option but I hope to find a simplest solution to control the light from the same light entity, like a “generic condition” in Blueprint where I can put for example "light.XXXX is “Off”

Currently there is not an option like this.

Hey @Blacky Is there a way to expose the countdown timers for each of the automation so that they could be displayed on a dashboard?
I have a dash that shows all the areas in the house with motion detected. I would like to add the automation timers to this dash to show a countdown of when the lights will turn off when no motion is detected.