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All good, thanks for letting us know.

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Not realy following you here. Night mode will use the trigger to turn the lights on and off. Would you be so kind to maybe give us a use case so I can understand what you are after?


Thanks for giving us all an update as I am sure someone will find it useful.

I am realy glad you found out what was going wrong and you got it all working now. :+1:

Your welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and thanks for your kind words :+1:

New update 3.2

:warning: Please read the breaking change before updating. I hope you all understand… the decision was not easy.

Breaking Change :broken_heart:

You can no longer have areas & devices in “Lights - Switches - Scenes” and “Night Lights”. This is to help the automation run correctly. The good news is all you need to do is expand your areas & devices down to entities. To do this, simply click the expand button “<>” in areas & devices down to entities (see below) and you’re done. Your final selection should be all green.

Areas :x:

Devices :x:

Entities :white_check_mark: :+1:

Having the ability to still select areas and devices is a nice quick easy way to find your entities.

Bugs Fixes :bug:

  • Fixed a bug in crossover lights.

  • Fixed 2 error logs.


Blacky :grinning:

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Sorry it’s not easy to make yourself understood with the translation.
Here is an example that I would like to apply at home.
I have sensors under the bed and I would like when a sensor is activated night mode is used.


If you go into bed, activating night mode would only work if you stay in the bed because once you get out of bed it will be deactivated :thinking:


I will assume that when you get out of bed the lights turn ON being night lights and when you get into bed the lights turn off.

You could use this blueprint but you would need to create 2 automations or you could use this blueprint (sensor Light) and download my other blueprint “:gear: Turn Light, Switch or Scene On & Off with Trigger Conditions” and use this for your bed sensor. It has a selection for entity as the trigger.

This is how I would set it up.

Use this blueprint (sensor light) make all your selections, don’t use night lights and select the "Use The Time Options " for say “on time” 7am & the “off time” 10pm. Now you could just use this blueprint again or my other blueprint but we need to create another automation for night time. Create another automation, dont use night lights but set up the normal lights for your night lights. Make your selection using your bed sensor as the trigger and set the "Use The Time Options " for “on time” 10pm & the “off time” 7am.

Now is should work.

Hope this helps you and I have got it correct.

New update 3.3

Bugs Fixes :bug:

  • Fixed a bug in night lights “Transition - ON” and Transition - OFF". It was using normal lights transition time rather than night light transition time.


Blacky :grinning:


Hi Blacky, Thank you so much for the updates. I’m happy to report my logs are boring again nothing to read, well nothing that has to do with your blueprint that is. You should really consider putting up a donation link. This blueprint is priceless for people that are new to HA or just want to be able to save time. When I was getting all the log errors I decided to write my own lighting automations through the GUI. turned out to be easier then I thought it would be. HA has come a long way when it comes to ease of use and figuring things out without having to do lots of research. As soon as you posted the latest update I upgraded and deleted most of my lighting automations. Such a time saving blueprint, thanks Again


This blueprint keeps getting better and better! I use it in a lot of locations in the house, but there is one scenario I would like to see supported. Because my motion sensors are not very sensitive they often time out in the rooms where we watch TV, so I use a different blueprint that keeps them on if the Harmony remote is on.
The Trigger Sensor By-pass Option (using If lights are ON, leave lights ON) works if I turn the TV on after the automation is triggered, but if the TV is already on then the automation will not trigger.
I understand this is by design, but would it be possible to have an additional option to enable the bypass and turn on the lights if they are not already on?
Many thanks!

I’m having issue with the automation not triggering.
I’m using v3.3.
I created an automation and added my door sensor to it and the lights in the room and i didnt change anything else.
when i open and close the door nothing happens and the automation doesnt trigger any ideas?

Hi @geox19

Perfect thanks for letting us know.

A lot of people have asked for this… it is nice way for someone to say thank you so I will set one up.

love it, thank you again for your kind words :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Nice to hear from you again and thanks for your kind words.

Is there a way to include the Harmony remote into the trigger and group your triggers? This could be the solution for you.


This is very strange. Have a look at your door sensor and check if it is going ON and OFF in the developer tools / states / then in set states select you door sensor and then open and close it. You will need to hit the refresh to see the state change.

Yes, I tried this before and it did not work reliably. The Harmony remote sensor is either On or Off depending on the state of the TV and there is a separate sensor that shows what activity is active.
There are two scenarios - 1. The TV is off and someone enters the room and turns the TV on: this works fine with your Blueprint as it prevents the TV from turning off.
2. The TV is on and someone enters the room: this does not work as the TV being on blocks the automation from being triggered. Grouping the remote into the trigger won’t work, as the TV is already on.
The Blueprint I use in the TV rooms has a Turn-off Blocking Entity:

This does what I want in both scenarios, but it does not have all the additional features that yours does :grin:
Also, I’d rather standardise on a single Blueprint.


I am not familiar with Harmony remote sensor. If your Harmony remote sensor turn ON when the TV is ON and stays ON then if you group it into the trigger, when you turn ON the TV is should turn ON the lights and they should stay ON until the Harmony remote sensor is OFF.

So if you walk into a room the light should turn on with motion. Then if you turn on the TV, and the Harmony remote sensor turns ON (that is grouped with motion sensor as the trigger, must be grouped not added individually) then lights should say ON until you turn OFF your TV, that then turns OFF your Harmony remote sensor and then your motion sensor doesn’t detect motion… lights OFF.

See Grouped trigger Click Here

Edit: You then wouldn’t put the Harmony remote sensor into the by-pass. Just in a group trigger.

I fixed my problem by using light entity rather than devices.
Maybe it needs to explain that in the description.

From what I can recall, I tried this some time ago and it worked, up to a point. I realised this when I went to create the group and it was already there.
Sadly, I can’t remember what the problem was and given that the Blueprint and HA have changed a lot since then, I’ll give it another go.

I’ve just replaced my custom automation with this blueprint as a trial in our family bathroom. We have five GU10 Zigbee bulbs, a Aqara door contact and an Aqara presence sensor plus a generic lux sensor. I have put the door contact and motion sensor in a binary sensor group and use that in your blueprint.

The use case is opening the bathroom door should trigger the lights and the motion sensor keeps the lights on. However, my kids have a bad habit of leaving the door open so the door contact never clears. Short of them learning to be more tidy, is there anything I can do with your blueprint to keep the door sensor within the sensor group and also deal with the door being left open.

I’ve not had chance to monitor it as yet but does the blueprint turn off the lights after 10 minutes of no activity within the binary sensor group - so assuming no motion and the door doesn’t send the closed signal, the binary sensor group will not change for X minutes, is that enough to trigger the timeout?

I was happy to find that I could use my existing helpers (for night start/end and timeout values) within your blueprint by simply enabling YAML mode and putting in the entity names.

Great work!

Not sure I’m really qualified to answer this as all my automations are in their infancy but…

I have my door sensor on a seperate automation. All it does is turn on the light when the contact/door sesnsor changes from closed to open and nothing else. The Sensor Light automation then takes over when to turn off the lights as the motion of the door opening will have triggered the motion sesnor, and hence this automation.

The only issue I could foresee with this is that with the window open, the wind opens the door ever so slightly, enough to trigger the door sensor, but not the motion sensor and hence the light doesn’t switch off until the next person visits the bathroom.

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Nice, I will have to remember to ask that question if someone else has the same question as you did. Thanks for letting us know as it will help me help others :+1:.

Already there, see below. :wink:

Glad you got it up and running :partying_face:

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Thanks Pat, let us know how you go.