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Thanks for your question. I have been thinking about this and you got me thinking again. The only thing I can see being a problem in the development of this new feature is when we use scenes as they are a different beast.

Currently without using the by-pass, no.

Not promising anything but let me look into it further.

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is it possible to add a entity for blocking the light.
If entity = true than block trigger light?

Hi @willihaus

Update: I have had a look at it and as expected scenes are a beast. I am going to push out a new release soon once all the testing has been done but scenes are yet to be resolved. I will continue to work on it so stay tuned.

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Hi Daniel, could you explain your use case?

New update 3.5

New Features :new:

  • Manual control of lights once they are ON. You can now manually adjust your lights once they are ON and they will no longer be reset to the automation settings on every trigger. The manual setting will remain this way until the lights are turned OFF manually or by the automation. Once OFF, the next trigger will reset the lights back to the automation setting. This will hopefully deliver a better user experience.

The new feature will work with lights and switches. We included switches just in case you have lights on switches that can be manually controlled once they are ON.

The new feature doesn’t work with scenes, and is a known issue. Work will be done to try and resolve this.

Breaking Change :broken_heart:

  • When crossing over from normal lights to night lights and from night lights to normal lights. If the lights are ON already, they will remain in the state they are in until the lights are turned OFF manually or by the automation. Once OFF, the next trigger will reset the lights back to the automation setting. Light control will no longer adjust the lights to the new setting when this happens. This may be a preferred option anyway as you could be up later on the odd occasion and would like the lights to remain as is. If different lights are selected, the different lights will still turn OFF so the lights don’t remain in the ON state once the automation times out and turns your lights OFF.


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usecass 1.
When I bring my kids to bed and open then the dor, the multisensor trigger the light and than she are awake.
usecase 2.
if friends are here, the light trigger always in the anteroom

Could you use the bypass? This will block the trigger.

Use case 1 = Bed pressure sensor, turns on the by-pass.

Use case 2 = Turn on by-pass.

I think this is the same thing you are asking for “by-pass”. The by-pass blocks the trigger.

thanks then I missunderstand this. I tought this is for permanent on

No problem.

You also have a few options on what to do if light is on when you turn the by-pass on. I would say for the bed one you would select “Enable the By-pass - If lights are ON, turn lights OFF”. This way it will turn the lights off.

You also have a “By-pass Time Delay” setting. If you set it to “0” it will turn the lights off instantly.

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Sorry for the delay in replying, but life got in the way! This suggestion worked fine since I set it up in one room a couple of days ago. I’ll keep a eye on it for a while, so thanks for all the suggestions!


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Nice one, glad it has all worked out for you now, and thanks for letting us know :smiley:

Love this blueprint! Just one feature I’d love:

Just like the night light option, for the Lux option I want to define which lights are affected by Lux. In my office I have two lights I always want on if I’m present, but I have two lights that I want controlled via Lux. Otherwise this is perfect!

Hi @DuckDuck25


The easiest way to do this is to have 2 automations. One for your two lights when you are present, and the other one to control the two other lights with present + LUX. Just simply use the blueprint again to create the other automation, when you click save just name it different. That is one good thing about blueprints you can create a lot of automations using just one blueprint.

Again You’re Awesome. This Blueprint should just be part of HA default install. This blueprint is making my Aqara Fp2’s even better.
Still No donation link or did I miss it?

Another suggestion: I have the Aqara FP2 and it sends lux readings instantly in response to even tiny light level changes. It would be super helpful if the blueprint had an optional “lux level active for” setting so I could say just evaluate lux readings every 15 (or whatever) minutes. I’ve had occasions where the lux level fluctuates near the threshold so lights go off and on in close succession. In my “manual” automation I had a 15 minute delay if the lux level was above or below the threshold.

Good idea. Just did that.

I’m a bit confused about the bypass. My situation is I have a lux controlled set of lights, and if I manually turn them off (via my streamdeck), they come back on. Or if I use Apple Home and turn them off, they come back on. How do I set it up so that I can manually turn them on or off?

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I haven’t done it yet thanks for the reminder :+1:


Have a look at the setting under “Ambient Light Sensor - Site Conditions” and try using “YES - My Ambient Light Sensor is affected by the Lights”. I think this is what will help you. Let us know how you go.

No problem.

You have to set up a by-pass (it is in the links below) If you would like manual control of your lights you will need to turn ON the by-pass, then your lights will be totally manual control and the automation will do nothing. There are also some additional options for the bypass and just select the options that suits you.

Have a read of;

“The Settings & Best Practice Guidelines” Click Here


The FAQ questions Click Here

If you have any other question please do ask :+1: