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Thanks for all the information. I do have an idea that could fix this… I just need to develop it and test it. Hopefully it will be out in the next release.

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The by-pass is like a pause button. You have 3 options to chose from on what should happen when you turn the by-pass ON. Unlike just disabling the automation when you turn OFF the by-pass it looks to see what is happening and reacts to the correct way the automation should run.

If you would like to go over the top, when family visits and if they are also included in HA as a local only access you could use their mobile phone and when the phone is in the zone you could have it turn ON the by-pass automaticity, thus disabling the automation and they just use the switch as a normal light switch.


We need the screen shot of your automation like shown below. I click on the orange where it stopped and had to take 2 screen shots so you can read it. This way I can look at it and advise you.

Love the Blueprint! My only suggestion is to allow a ‘sun’ option for the night time schedule instead of fixed times.



Thanks for your kind words :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This is on the road map to be added. Thanks for your suggestion :+1:

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New update 3.9

Do you keep forgetting to turn the by-pass OFF and your lights either say ON or don’t come ON at all when they should, to then realise you left the by-pass ON? :unamused:

New Features :new:

  • Added the ability to use a “By-pass Auto OFF Option”. This is used when you turn the by-pass ON and you would like the by-pass to automatically turn OFF in a set time delay. It can also be used as a timer to turn the lights ON and then OFF if you have chosen to use “Enable the By-pass - Turn lights ON”.

Bugs Fixes :bug:

  • Add default value to transition.

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New update 4.0

Sorry for the this next update so close to Version 3.9 but I thought I would push it out ASAP. If you haven’t updated from Version 3.8 yet please see the above post on Version 3.9 release notes.

Bugs Fixes :bug:

  • HA Restart - By-pass Auto OFF
  • HA Restart - Trigger is ON Lights OFF

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Received an error using Home Assistant 2023.1.7
HA doesn’t seem to like the smiley face in the YAML.

Hi @Blacky great blueprint, and as an HA beginner I am overwhelmed by all the options. Just a quick question: I would love to use the night light option to have the lights not so bright during nighttime. I have to enter the Night Light start time and end time during creating the automation. But I would prefer to use sunset and sunrise time, not the fixed time values. There is already a “sun” option in the blueprint, but it does not seem to be related to the Night Light feature? Is it possible to have a flexible (sunset and sunrise) time set for the Night Light option?

Edit: found in this thread it is on your roadmap already… hope to see it implemented soon :wink:

Blacky, does it make sense to have more than one light-turn-off duration setting if we have more than one entity or device turned on by the trigger? For instance, once my motion sensor in the bathroom is triggered the lights turn on and so does the fan. It’ll be nice to set the lights to turn off 30 seconds after the last motion but the fan to turn off maybe 5 minutes later to exhaust the humid air.

Hi is there any way to add the option to use a PIR motion to turn the lights on and a presence sensor clear event to turn them off?

Hi @ahoy

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Thanks for the heads up :+1:

It is not the smiley face that the logs show it is the;


This was introduce in Home Assistant 2023.3. I think I may have jumped the gun on this one and included it to fast. I have now removed it from all my blueprints and you should be good to go. Next time I should wait 1 year before doing this type of thing again :wink:

Again thanks for letting me know, and you should be all good now.

Blacky :smiley:

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this is one thing I was afraid of, but I do use this blueprint and every feature in my HA everyday. Once you get to know it hopefully you will to. A good starting point is to read “The Settings & Best Practice Guidelines” Click Here.

Your correct in what you are saying. Another feature :wink:. This is on the road map and I have developed already 3 different ways to make this work. I am just trying to decide on the best way to implement it so new users dont become overwhelmed by all the options and it works with ease. So this is something you may see sooner than latter. For now use time and stay tuned.

Thanks for reaching out and your suggestion / question.

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Hi Harry, if you are in the bathroom and you are removing humidity could I suggest you have a look at my :shower: Bathroom Humidity Exhaust Fan. Once you set it up correctly you will wonder how you lived without it. You then will have 2 automations in your bathroom and they work perfectly together. You will then achieve what you are trying to do.

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Hi @maxedmini1

Reading this looks like you need to group your PIR and your presence sensor. You will then find it will do what your asking. For more information on how to set up group sensors please Click Here.

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Will give it a shot. Thank you.

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Thanks for the awesome blueprint. I think it would be lovely to have the ability to activate scripts in the same way the blueprint handles scenes, one for on and one for off.


Great! I would prefer a checkbox for “Night Light Sun Option” and for “Night Light fixed time”. And then simply take the Sun / Elevation configuration from the upper sun option. But of course, just a wish, you may have other factors to consider.

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In terms of the bypass, this did confuse me a bit at the beginning. But I am finding my family/guests are confused.

When they walk in the room it is clear, the light is on so they ignore everything. But when they leave their habit is to turn off the light, they I see them pressing the button and cannot figure out what is happening whilst the off timer is going.
I am wondering if there should be an option in which the switch will just cut the light (automation) immediately?

So then they will “feel” they did something even though it doesnt matter.

Hi thanks for the reply, I don’t want to make them a group as I don’t want the mmWave presence sensor to trigger the automation as it can sometimes be too sensitive but would like it to be used to keep the lights on and then turn them off once no presence is detected.