Separating Sonoff TX switches to different rooms in Home Assistant

Hi guys, Im new to this forum and new to HA.
I am very excited to receive my odroid n2+ and i have just installed home assistant. Logged in and followed a video on how to install HACS, followed by a new video on how to install Sonoff LAN. Everything has been perfect and i am loving the access to my devices.
I have about 10 Sonoff TX switches in the house and some are 1, 2 and 3 gang. It turns out that home assistant has grouped the switches together in the same room (which i allocated during config stage)
I need to have home assistant show one of the switches on the 3 gang to be in a different room.
I am not very savvy with editing config files (but happy to try) , but is there a way to separate the switches so they individually appear in different rooms. Its just more logical to manage that way.
Let me know. Jonathan (Thailand)

Settings → Devices and services → Devices

Find your Tx

Select the switch, you want to relocate

Click setting in upper right corner and deselect Use device’s room

Choose the room you like

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Friggen amazing mate. Im on to it.

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unfortunately, the change is not sticking
I went into the entity and unchecked the 3rd option, (Use device area (Kitchen)) BUT when I go back into it, it’s still on

forget the last comment
Just worked it out, i needed to scroll further down and set the new room
All working

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